very simple, where to change 'Please fix the following input errors:'


I have very simple question, how to made ‘Please fix the following input errors:’ error summery function output different.

I try to create system/messages/yii.php with values array( ‘Please fix the following input errors:’ => ‘Some other text’ )

No results.

Try to find yout how to do this thing, any answers on google.

Thanks for answer :)

Check the documentation for errorSummary() -

You can send a second parameter "header", if that is set it will be used instead of the default message…

thanks for quick answer.

I have found this solution, but i think that it can be message set by default in some messages file.

Ok, I’ll use this method. Thanks ;)

Message files are used for translations to output a message in a different language… not to change the default message…