Version Control

Was wondering what kind of solutions you guys have for version control…

We have developers that are going to be working on linux and windows (code is in php and java). We need some way to keep track of bugs and enhancements.

I was thinking about going SVN/Bugzilla, but I keep wondering if there is something better out there.

I’m currently using Assembla, it offers free Trac/Subversion.

This is my first project I put under version control, as a teenager it is very exciting for me. :)


I mostly use SVN (playing with GIT sometimes).

I think this is a great place to start, they (used to) have a free account for 20MB or something like that

For bug tracking and stuff Totally free and works perfectly for our company.


git and Redmine (a RoR app).

Redmine has really nice integration between scm and issues, and you can reference these in comments which become urls.

git beats svn because of being distributed and branch merging, but it can be daunting at first.