Vbulletin Forum In Public Folder

Hi. Just launched a site built with Yii framework. I am seeing a number of 404 errors related to the vbulletin forum that was brought over from our old site. Everything seems to work fine, but I would like to get rid of the errors. I think Yii is trying to translate the forums paths to a controller/action. In another case, a forum thread started with the word "news" which is the name of a controller so instead of showing the thread, Yii redirects to that controller and generates an error.

So I guess my question is can I configure Yii so it does not attempt to translate the forums subdirectory to a controller/action? Or what is the best way to handle sub-applications in the public subfolder.

Hope this makes sense.


I think, it’s better to locate forum on the subdomain.

yeah…not really an option for us. Thanks tho

Maybe you should make mod_rewrite (in .htaccess) to ignore some of adresses.

ah…ok. So in my case, I would add this above my other rules…

RewriteRule ^forums - [L,NC]

I’ll give that a shot. Thanks.

That did the trick. Thank you, sir!