Value of drop down list in cgrid view from UI


I am learning Yii from couple of weeks so my doubts may be general of easy ones,Please forgive for that.

I am trying to show the table on UI using cgrid view,and there is one column on that table(UI table) ,the column has drop down for every row of cgrid view table,Now When some one selects the value from the drop down for a row ,I want to update that row with the selected drop down value,I really tried some solutions ,googled it also but didn’t solve it.

I succeeded while showing the data via cgrid view using ArrayDataprovider,Also I have one gatter in module class ,with the help of that I am able to show the drop down as well on the UI.

In view I am using CCheckBoxColumn,SO I can get the grid table’s selected row ID,But I want the drop down value for that Row,Also if there are multiple rows selected then I want all the values of drop down.

array (

‘id’ => ‘selectedId’,

‘class’ => ‘CCheckBoxColumn’


Please help me ,I kind of stuck with this ,not able to explore another functionalities of this framwork.