[VALIDATOR] passwordValidator

Hi all!

I wanted people to choose a more secure password, so I wrote a very small validator called the passwordValidator :D

This is my first effort in developing yii extensions.

features so far are:

  • min/max password length

  • min upper case letters required

  • min lower case letters required

  • min digits required

  • min symbols required

  • disallow whitespace character

  • max character repetition in a row

  • translation from poor english to good german :)

Future plans could be:

  • validate against dictionary

  • validate against password history

  • validate consecutive strings like abcdefgh, 123456…

I attached passwordValidator-0.01 to this message.

Hope you like it!

And sorry for my bad english

– qwertz

This is very useful, thanks.

Maybe add this as an extension and even better, have Yii developers add it to the core. It seems like this type of validation would be very useful.

Hey, For what kind of programs can I use this?

let me try~