hello guys.I have problem.I need to validate form field.I put validation rule bt it not validated.

Iam confuse about it.

this is my model rule()

public function rules()


		// NOTE: you should only define rules for those attributes that

		// will receive user inputs.

		return array(

			array('username, preferred_name', 'length', 'max'=>45),

			array('password, salt, first_name, last_name', 'length', 'max'=>100),

			array('status', 'length', 'max'=><img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='8)' />,

			array('gender', 'length', 'max'=>1),

			array('date_of_birth', 'safe'),

			array('first_name', 'required','message'=>'Cannot be Empty', 'on'=>'update'),

			//array('first_name,last_name,preferred_name,date_of_birth','required','message'=>'Cannot be Empty'),

			// The following rule is used by search().

			// @todo Please remove those attributes that should not be searched.

			array( 'first_name','safe', 'except'=>'update'),

			array('id, username, password, salt, status,  last_name, preferred_name, gender, date_of_birth', 'safe', 'on'=>'search'),



here is my controller

public function actionUpdategeneral() {

		// $users=new Users;

		$usermodel = Users::model ()->findByPk ( Yii::app ()->user->id );

		// $usermodel= Users::model()->find('id=:id',array(':id'=>Yii::app()->user->id));

	//	$this->performAjaxValidation ( $usermodel );


		if (isset ( $_POST ['Users'] )) {

			$usermodel->attributes = $_POST ['Users'];

			//if ($usermodel->validate()){


		if(	$usermodel->save ()){


			//Yii::app()->user->setFlash('success', 'Your Details Have been Updated Successfully.');

				$this->redirect ( 'index' );






here is my view


																				$form = $this->beginWidget ( 'CActiveForm', array (

																						'id' => 'user_form',

																						'action' => Yii::app ()->createUrl ( '/profile/updategeneral' ),

																						'htmlOptions' => array (

																						'class' => 'contact_form profile_tab_form' 


																						// Please note: When you enable ajax validation, make sure the corresponding

																						// controller action is handling ajax validation correctly.

																						// There is a call to performAjaxValidation() commented in generated controller code.

																						// See class documentation of CActiveForm for details on this.

																						'enableAjaxValidation' => false,





																						) );?>


                    <?php echo $form->errorSummary($users); ?>

                    <fieldset class="left">

						<div class="">

                            <?php echo $form->labelEx($users, 'first_name'); ?>

                            <div class="block">

                                <?php echo $form->textField($users, 'first_name', array('style' => 'width:261px;')); ?>


                            <?php echo $form->error($users, 'first_name'); ?>



						<div class="">

                            <?php echo $form->labelEx($users, 'gender'); ?>


                            <?php echo ZHtml::enumDropDownList( $users,'gender' ,array('class' => 'dropDownBox')); ?>

                                <?php //echo $form->textField($users, 'gender', array('style' => 'width:261px;')); ?>


                            <?php echo $form->error($users, 'gender'); ?>


                        <div class="">

                            <?php echo $form->labelEx($users, 'date_of_birth'); ?>

                            <div class="block">

                                <?php echo $form->textField($users, 'date_of_birth', array('style' => 'width:261px;')); ?>


                            <?php echo $form->error($users, 'date_of_birth'); ?>



					<fieldset class="right">

						<div class="">

                            <?php echo $form->labelEx($users, 'last_name'); ?>

                            <div class="block">

                                <?php echo $form->textField($users, 'last_name', array('style' => 'width:261px;')); ?>


                            <?php echo $form->error($users, 'last_name'); ?>


						<div class="">

                            <?php echo $form->labelEx($users, 'preferred_name'); ?>

                            <div class="block">

                                <?php echo $form->textField($users, 'preferred_name', array('style' => 'width:261px;')); ?>


                            <?php echo $form->error($users, 'preferred_name'); ?>




					<fieldset style="clear: both;">

						<div class="">

                            <?php echo CHtml::submitButton($users->isNewRecord ? 'Update' : 'Update'); ?>



                    <?php $this->endWidget(); ?>


please help me.

Your model object is $usermodel, but in the view the form refers to $users (unless you pass it to your view as $this->render(‘view’, array(‘users’ => $usermodel)).

Anyway, where in the controller are you calling the view?

in index action

I defined those things.

$this->render ( ‘index’, array (‘users’ => $usermodel);

it is not the problem

and then how is $usermodel defined in your index action? it’s a local variable in the actionUpdategeneral method where the validation state is kept there.

If you can give me example to do that it is great plessure to me


have you passed the clientoptions… on _form.php


<?php  	$form=$this->beginWidget('CActiveForm', 

              	array( 	'id'=>'my-form',   







 ));  ?>