validation in Jui Dialog

Dear all,

I use a activeform in Jui dialog, with clienvalidation enabled. the clientValidation seems working since I can see error msg right side of input box. I assume that if the clientValidation fails, the submit wont be made. the issue is that even I have error messages I can still make the submition.

Does the process work as design?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. I’ve got the same issue and I use CJUIDialog a lot. My workaround is to hide the submit button:

  • when the dialog is loaded

  • when any field has focus

  • and until all fields are valid

But I’m really interested in answers from the experts here.

P.S. I suppose that even if your dialog is submitted, the data/model are not saved if not valid, are they?

Thanks bennouna,

Right, data wont be saved since there is another validation while processing POST. I just interested in how to prevent the POST when client validation fails.