Validation form with action url

I have a form that is associated with a database model and a model form. But the action of this form is not connected to a controller, but with an external url. The problem is I can not validate this model, which does not pass through the controller who is validating the submit action. Excuse me for my English.

<?php $form=$this->beginWidget('bootstrap.widgets.TbActiveForm',array(






Since form action is lenovo/facilito/paises/remote it will post the values to "lenovo/facilito/paises/remote" for validation in case of ajax validation.

Validation is server side in yii so all the validation will be done in the controller/action mentioned in form action.

If understood right what U want to do, U want to send this form to an external url, but U also want to validate it before?

If that is case, U could do:

Get user inputs from a form,

submit to your app url,

do validation there in controller/action

if validation is ok then pass form details to external url, waith for response and return it to page, or

if validation fails, return errors to page