Validation Error Fields Ignores Certain Htmloptions Settings?

I have a validation error field as simple as possible:

<?php echo($form->error($model, 'login', $validationArray)); ?>

[size=2]where [/size]$[size="2"]validationArray reffers to:[/size]


[/size][size=2]$htmlOptions = array[/size]








[/size][size="2"]Special validation-related classes are cleary ignored. Though I have passed my custom classes in above code, when I firebug generated site, I clearly see, that my input receives error, success and validating, that is – default classes.[/size]

[size="2"]What am I missing or doing wrong?[/size]

This is purely Yii-Bootstrap / Yii-Booster issue and does not occurs in standard CActiveForm (i.e. classes are not ignored there and everything works just fine).

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