Validating the CFormModel inside the CActiveForm Model

I have a table called student with fields

_student_id int(11) NOT NULL PKey

student_name varchar(250) NOT NULL

student_info text NOT NULL

For this I m having Student model which extends CActiveForm Model.

student_info will be stored in json_text.

student_info = {"age": "", "dob": "*"}

In StudentInfo i have the age and dob required field validation rule.

So while saving the Student model i want to validate StudentInfo model along with that.

To validate the StudentInfo i created the separate model StudentInfo which extends CFormModel.

So while updating student i will be sending two models to the view file one is Student and other is StudentInfo.

OnForm submit how can i validate the StudentInfo model along with the Student model.

How the Student model validation rule should look like.

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read this

Yes thank you.