Usitility powered by Yii2


I developed Usitility (Software download website) using Yii2 few months ago.

This website was made using Django at first, but now is 100% Yii2 powered.

I used Advanced Template. I love the separation between Frontend, Backend and Console.

The website is multilanguage, and make use of some nice packages like:

  • bazilio/yii2-async Provides translucent api & queues for moving large tasks out of request context with SQL, Redis or AMQP.

  • omnilight/yii2-scheduling Scheduling extension for Yii2 framework

  • yiisoft/yii2-imagine

  • frostealth/yii2-aws-s3 An Amazon S3 component for Yii2

  • kartik-v/yii2-widget-select2 Enhanced Yii2 wrapper for the Select2 jQuery plugin

Thanks to the way Yii2 is made, it was so easy and fast to develop this website.

The website is near 100K users monthly, and I use a cheap server ($10/monthly) that uses Nginx cache.