Using Zend Server Java Bridge with Yii

Hi everyone,

First off I am a newbie to Yii. I am currently going thru the Agile Web book, and have set up some simple stuff.

I have a project that I am interested in using Yii for. I have a Zend server setup with Java Bridge running on it to talk to the model classes (in jar files) already written in Java. I will not be interfacing with the database directly, but rather thru (instantiating) Java objects (to avoid coding redundancy).

I am trying to wrap my head around how Yii will or will not interact with this.

  1. Would the model class would simply be instantiating the objects and data manipulation?

  2. I am wondering if CRUD could still be used with Gii if I wrote the model myself to output the same things as the Gii generated model. Data would eventually be written back to java objects, which in turn write back to the database.

  3. I am also using a form renderer where the questions and input types are driven by a database. This is currently sitting in a database, but may be converted to java objects later.

Any thoughts on the various uses of Yii in the project?

Thanks in advance!!

a hopeful bump

Can you show some simple examples how the Java bridge is used? Like: How do you send a query to Java? What kind of data is returned? What query types are available?