Using Yii2 In Php 5.3

Is it possible to use Yii2 in PHP 5.3? if not, how thousand numbers of PHP5.3 servers can make benefit of Yii2?


:( it’s very bad.

Isn’t 5.3 end of life?

If you want to use the new features of Yii2 you need to have the new features of 5.4+

The company that I bought the host does not support PHP 5.4. In this case i can not use Yii2 in Live Server.:(

It’s time to change hosting company (that’s what I’ve done already).

Btw notice that 5.5.9 is out and 5.6 is upcoming. 5.3 is like a dinosaur :) (still shipped as a package for some LTS distros though, so hosting providers love it)

between change host company and change framework i prefer to change hosting company because i like the Yii. :)