Using Yii2 for Lambda Event Driven Approach

I have modified the framework directories and the required files from yii2 framework structure.

For example, I just need backend folder and it’s structure. I don’t need Yii2 Frontend Folder and common so I removed all unnecessary folders, and libraries from the composer.

I have developed the code and deployed successfully in lambda using using web app approach.

I can call the lambda function using http gateway. However I am looking the solution for event driven approach.

To make the picture very clear.
Web App Approach:

  • Deployed code to lambda
  • Attached HTTP as event
  • Once serverless deploy successful it will give URL as a response.
  • Call the URL and function will be called.

Event Driven Approach:
I would like to call the lambda function when there is a message in SQS.
So for example:

  • Deployed code to lambda
  • Attach the lambda to SQS by using events and SQS ARN
  • so when there is a new message in SQS it will automatically call the lambda function.
Error I got while trigger the function using event test in lambda

Handler `/var/task/backend/web/index.php` must return a function or object handler. See

Is there anyone who did this?

@samdark can you please provide some solution?

Seems like you needed basic template instead

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Have you looked at Yii event system?

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I’m not sure if this can be a solution, but as I can see you are having issue case of passing index.php as “handler”

Handler /var/task/backend/web/index.php must return a function or object handler

May be you can specify other handler, some console controller action? And this action will return correct response as a “handler”


@Brezgalov @evstevemd Thanks for the recommendation. However, I am unable to get the solution.

Here I am attaching the code:



defined('YII_DEBUG') or define('YII_DEBUG', true);
defined('YII_ENV') or define('YII_ENV', 'dev');

require __DIR__ . '/../../vendor/autoload.php';
require __DIR__ . '/../../vendor/yiisoft/yii2/Yii.php';
require __DIR__ . '/../config/bootstrap.php';

$config = require __DIR__ . '/../config/main.php';

(new yii\web\Application($config))->run();


$params = array_merge(
    require __DIR__ . '/params.php',

return [
    'id' => 'app-backend',
    'basePath' => dirname(__DIR__),
    'controllerNamespace' => 'backend\controllers',
    'bootstrap' => ['log'],
    'modules' => [],
    'aliases' => [
        '@bower' => '@vendor/bower-asset',
        '@npm'   => '@vendor/npm-asset',
    'vendorPath' => dirname(__DIR__, 2) . '/vendor',
    'components' => [
        'request' => [
            'csrfParam' => '_csrf-backend',
            'cookieValidationKey' => '1NSfZdOn2doGFzKe9JJiXdpjDF5qQ1NO',
        'cache' => [
            'class' => \yii\caching\FileCache::class,
        'session' => [
            // this is the name of the session cookie used for login on the backend
            'name' => 'advanced-backend',
        'errorHandler' => [
            'errorAction' => 'site/error',
        'urlManager' => [
            'enablePrettyUrl' => true,
            'showScriptName' => false,
            'rules' => [
    'params' => $params



namespace backend\controllers;

use yii\web\Controller;

class SiteController extends Controller
    public function actionIndex()
        echo "Welcome Here";

    public function actions()
        return [
            'error' => [
                'class' => \yii\web\ErrorAction::class,


namespace backend\components;

use Bref\Context\Context;
use Bref\Event\Handler;
use yii\base\Component;

class SqsHandlerClass extends Component implements Handler
	public function handle($event, Context $context)
		echo "<pre>"; print_r(json_encode($event)); echo "</pre>"; exit;

As per the instruction given on the official website

However, Bref also provides classes specific to each Lambda event for a better development experience.


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Bref\Context\Context;

class Handler implements \Bref\Event\Handler
    public function handle($event, Context $context)
        return 'Hello ' . $event['name'];

return new Handler();

When lambda is triggered by SQS, how can I call the SqsHandlerClass handle method with given parameters?

I missed Bref thing. I will find time to checkout Bref and see if I can recommend something!


Looking forward to it.

Once we get the solution, I will publish the entire solution to make Yii2 comfortable with AWS Lambda.

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Meanwhile Quick search found this. You can use Google translate to understand it and be starting point

@evstevemd Correct.

The solution given here is BREF FOR WEB APPS solution. How ever we are looking for BREF FOR EVENT-DRIVEN FUNCTIONS

using HTTP we can do this.

@samdark @softark

Hi @sahil.r2050

I’m sorry but I don’t have experience with AWS Lambda. You know it better than I do.
I’ll be watching this thread and hope you get the solution.

I once use lambda with cloudwatch as a trigger, when cloudwatch triggered will access the lambda endpoint and run Yii2. So its not call directly to php. This is my writing Serverless Yii2 - Menggunakan Yii2 pada AWS Lambda - BelajarArief to make it works.

Guys, The excellent news is I have made it possible with Yii2.

All I need is your guidance, whether structure-wise or security-wise, whether it is good or not. I will soon upload the new code here.