Using Yii without Active Record

Hi guys, can anyone give me advice on how to best use Yii without Active Record? ActiveRecord is a nice concept and all for simple scenarios, but in complex applications that I’m writing it just becomes much more of a pain than anything else. Is there a DataMapper concept implemented in Yii anywhere (because I couldn’t find it). Also, I usually tend use Table Module with Table Data Gateway in the majority of my applications because most apps I write are data-centric while the domain logic is relatively simple. I’m wondering if anyone’s using these patterns with Yii instead of ActiveRecord?

In particular I’m writing some multi-lingual apps where the data tends to be split between 2 tables, a common data table and a language specific table, as is common to do in these scenarios. ActiveRecord doesn’t seem to be too good at supporting this as I need to write to 2 tables and retrieve joined data from 2 tables. Does anyone have any suggestions?

If I don’t use ActiveRecord, will I use much of the Yii goodness that makes it so good?

You can either use the AR or the DAO more info: