Using Yii in Third-Party Systems like Wordpress

Hi everyone,

Initially, I wanted to integrate a Yii with a Wordpress web application. But I’m wondering about the possibilities… Is integrating Yii into another system limited to using the YII API ? His library ? Or, is it possible to benefit from the YII framework, such as the MVC model?

I doubt that the link between the IdController class and the Id view will be made, for example, without YII Framework running… Can anyone enlighten me on this topic? I hope I have been clear enough, in the language of Shakespeare.

Thank you

There’s no MVC in the Wordpress and since it’s going to be primary system, using Yii libraries API is what’s possible.

Thank you very much @samdark

You didn’t state you intend to use it with which version of Yii.
If undecided, Yii3 should be easier than 2 but still possible with Yii2



Thank you @evstevemd for all these references. For now, I’m looking for the best choice between YII2 and YII3, I haven’t made up my mind yet… And because I didn’t start my project, I’ll probably give up on the idea of a project with Wordpress. Full Yii sound better.

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Let us know if you hit a wall somewhere in your journey!

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