Using Yii Framework for my thesis - need informations and performance

Yii everyone :)

For my university thesis I’m restyling and re-developing an open source software ( ).

The web-ui of this project is developed using only Yii so I want to put it on my thesis but I need some new and updated performance comparsions with graphs.

Someone have something updated?

Also I want to talk about “Using a PHP framework in a structured project” so I think that it’s very important to describe Yii as a framework and why I choose Yii over other PHP frameworks.

Thank you :)

I hope performance is not the only one reason for choosing Yii

No, I’m developing with Yii before version 1.0 :)

Yii is easy, strong and small. It’s perfect for people like me. And yes, it has an amazing performance :)

Performance is very important for web application and developing with yii is pretty awesome :)

So you could just make a small test case in different frameworks and measure your performance…

Than you can write how it was easy/hard to implement certain solution in different frameworks… together with the received performance result…

Uhm my thesis is not abou Yii or developing a project in different framework. I choose Yii for this project and I want to talk about it. So I asked if there are offical performance testa updated :)