Using whenClient on different form with same instance

I have 2 forms, creating and updating information. I didn’t put any scenario when I created these forms through ActiveForm.

Now I’m having a problem when I’m using whenClient because both forms have the same ids. I have a specific field wherein I have implemented a conditional validation and it seems like it’s not getting the right input because both forms have the same id for each field.

$form_create = ActiveForm::begin([
‘action’ => [‘create’],
‘options’ => [
‘id’ => ‘resident-create-form’,
‘class’ => ‘resident-create-form’

$form_update = ActiveForm::begin([
‘action’ => [‘update’],
‘options’ => [
‘id’ => ‘resident-update-form’,
‘class’ => ‘resident-update-form’

Rules are working correctly eventhough both forms have the same id for each field except for the conditional validation using whenClient. Is there any way to specify which form I am currently accessing the field because when I’m filling up the create form, the id that I specified on the whenClient detects that the parent form is the update form.

Any advice? Thanks!

I can’t see same id.
I’m just seeing same id and class for both forms.