Using save() inside behavior which is attached to ActiveRecord

I have ActiveRecord instance with bunch of behaviors attached.

Inside one of them related models get updated (besides owner). Using updateAttributes() is OK, but I want to trigger few behaviors for updating related models, for example TimestampBehavior, BlameableBehavior, LogBehavior.

If we call save() inside model recursion can occur, and sometimes some behaviors must be excluded.

I came up with following solution, but it fails when attaching behaviors back.

$detachedBehaviors = $this->getDetachedBehaviors();

foreach ($model->behaviors as $key => $behavior) {

    if (in_array($behavior::className(), $detachedBehaviors)) {




$model->save(false, [$this->attribute]);


Maybe there is better way of doing that?

I see another alternative:

  1. Somehow manually trigger needed events of needed behaviors.

  2. Use updateAttributes() instead of calling save().

Actually I don’t want to bind this logic to specific behavior and made this available for any behavior which is more flexible. So I guess it will be another behavior.