Using pjax in a gridview inside another gridview


Hello everyone!

I’m having problems with Yii2 GridViews and Pjax. I am showing a first GridView which expands to show another GridView via ExpandRowColumn widget. I had to remove Pjax options from the parent view for the inner Gridview to show properly.

It renders fine and filters correctly but I have problems when trying to force reloading the pjax container. When I call on pjax reload, the inner view seems to update fine but it also refreshes the whole page afterwards.

The parent GridView has the following ExpandRowColumn:

    ['class' => 'kartik\grid\ExpandRowColumn',

        'width' => '50px',

        'value' => function ($model, $key, $index, $column) {

            return GridView::ROW_COLLAPSED;


        'detailUrl' => Url::to(['/mainview/innerview']),

        'headerOptions' => ['class' => 'kartik-sheet-style'],

        'enableRowClick' => true,


And this is my inner view:

echo \backoffice\components\BOGridView::widget([

        'id' => $dataProvider->id . '-listing',

        'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,

        'pjax' => true,

        'pjaxSettings' => [

            'neverTimeout' => true,

            'options' => [

                'id' => $dataProvider->id . '-pjax',

                'enablePushState' => false,

                'clientOptions' => [

                    'method' => 'POST',

                    'skipOuterContainers' => true,




        'filterModel' => $searchModel,

        'filterUrl' => ['innerview', 'ViewId' => $dataProvider->id],




      $('.js-save-batch-editable-form').on('click', function() {            

            if ($('#batchEditForm-".$dataProvider->id." input[name=\"apply[]\"]:checked').length >0) {

                var frm = $('#batchEditForm-".$dataProvider->id."');


                  type: frm.attr('method'),

                  url: '/mainview/action',

                  data: frm.serialize(),

                  success: function (data){              

                     $.pjax.reload({'container': '#".$dataProvider->id."-pjax',

                     'url': '/mainview/innerview',

                     'skipOuterContainers': true, 'push': false});


                  error: function (jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {                  

                     alert('Error while updating: ' + errorThrown);



            } else {

                alert('Please select at least one item');



Nesting GridViews didn’t seem like a good idea since the beggining but it seems i have managed to get it working on most cases except this. I don’t need the parent GridView to use Pjax but it may have something to do…

Please help, I’m gonna cry a river.

Any help will be appreciated.