Using Own CSS Template

Hello all. I am new in Yii. I would like to know the way using own CSS Template (not only modify from standard theme) that totally different from standard template. How to implement it? related to layout, view files, etc. Where i should put my template files? Sorry for the question if too frumpish.

Edit the Views?

Include a new CSS in the layouts/main.php?

Or what is your problem exactly?

I want a totally different design instead of standard generated design by Gii. I’ve download a CSS template from and want to use it in my application, but don’t know where and how to start.

first look at the protected/views/layouts/main.php the most design things will happen there.

The css is in the /css/main.css if i remember correctly so you can edit or replace the main design there

but leave the <?php echo $content; ?> right ?

i’ll try it ASAP. Thanks a lot Command.

yeah the $content part is replaced with the different views of your controllers.

Have fun :)

U Have to Customize the layout/main.php File and add the Css On Header Part

and Use ur own Style

Sure shailesh, thanks for your suggestion. I’ve already managed to use the css templates. Thank you all.