Using Other Site's Session Data In Yii Site

Hello, I have one (non-Yii) mobile site. In that site the session id is traveling in the urls.

Now, I want to add another site to the old big portal. The new site is in subdomain and have to use the session of the old site, but now I have to save the session id in cookie.

How can I set up my Yii site to grab my session id, save it to cookie and use this session?

I absulotely can’t figure it out.

Edit: in the Yii site, I don’t need login or authenticatin. This stuff is done in the main site.

try setting the cookie domain as the same as your main site’s domain.





			// enable cookie-based authentication




		// session configuration

		'session' => array(

            'autoStart' => true,

			//'savePath' => '/some/writeable/path',

			'cookieMode' => 'allow',

			'cookieParams' => array(

				//'path' => '/tmp',

				'domain' => '',

				//'httpOnly' => true,


then try accessing the session variable using Yii::app()->session[‘variablename’]

I don’t use cookies on the main site.This doesn’t work.