Using MySQL REGEXP in CDbCriteria

Is it possible to use MySQL REGEXP in CDbCriteria compare method?

My SQL query is:


FROM `bank`

WHERE `name`

REGEXP '\\[:ru\][^\\[]*RusBankName[^\\[]*'

I want use this REGEXP with active record.

Current criteria code:

$criteria=new CDbCriteria;


currently i created REGEXP in find method, but I get "Invalid parameter number" error

$model->find("plink REGEXP '\\\[:lng\\]:plink($|\\\[)' AND id=:categoryId AND isActive=1", array(':lng'=>':'.LNG, ':plink'=>$_GET['category'], ':categoryId'=>$_GET['categoryId']));

original sql query is

SELECT * FROM `category` `t` WHERE plink REGEXP '\\[:en\]categoryurl($|\\[)' AND id=10 AND isActive=1 LIMIT 1