Using Fontawesome Icons In Yiibooster

I am using Yiibooster ext.

Can somebody explain how to use font awesome icons on yiibooster. I know that its included to extension but do not have any documantion related to using it.

ok, I look at source code of bootstrap component and found that i can set property fontAwesomeCss to true to include icons. But now both of icons is shown. How to disable default icon library?

I have the exact same question. Having enabled awesomefont in yiibootstrap gives me awesomefont as well as the default bootstrap icons on top of each other. Is there a ‘right’ way to disable the default icons, without needing to do it yourself in css?

If you set to false ‘responsiveCss’ configuration property then only awesomfont is working. Otherwise not.

Thanks for your reply!

I have:

public $responsiveCss = false;

public $fontAwesomeCss = true;

Is still see both awesomefont and the boostrap icons. Any idea?

Actually I set values of this properties in main.php file.

'bootstrap' => array(

            'class' => 'ext.bootstrap.components.Bootstrap',

            'responsiveCss' => FALSE,

            'fontAwesomeCss' => TRUE,


Yes, that was it! Thank you!