using CRUD on users table?

hello, i want to ask whether the users table on yii database which models located on common/models/User can be used for CRUD operation, if yes, how do i CRUD it.

How you install yii?

If you install basic or advanced template, then you should apply migrations.

CRUD for users not complete, only create by registrations

i installed the advanced template one.

You can create CRUD pages for any ActiveRecord model using Gii’s CRUD generator.

thank you for the answers, but for the users table in the advanced template which are used to register and login for user,i cant seem to edit some of the information such as username etc.

It’s up to your design decision.

Some apps will allow the administrators to modify the username, while others will not. You may do it as you like.

And if you think the admins should not modify the username, then you may modify the form to make it read only. The CRUD pages generated by Gii are yours, not Yii’s. Don’t hesitate to modify them.

Furthermore, you should consider modifying the user model to suit your needs.

is there any tutorial i can refer to in order to modify the User design?

There’s no such thing as far as I know.

But it’s a simple job. You can add any field that you think is necessary to the table, and also you can remove any field that you think is unnecessary from the table.

Ok thanks, one last question if i made any changes to my database, do i have to create the CRUD again?

It depends.

If the changes are trivial, or if you have already added much code to the CRUD, you may just "preview" the results and manually edit the sources using "copy and paste". "diff" button will help you recognize the differences.

If you haven’t edited much of the original sources, then simple overwriting will be enough.