Using CLocale/CNumberFormatter

I cannot seem to find 2 things in the api regarding the locale.

  1. Is there somewhere to retrieve the name of the location, so that, for example, en_US could be presented as 'English - United States'?  Having a client select a locale from a dropdown is problematic if all I can provide are codes.

  2. Is there not a default currency symbol for each locale?  When changing locales, how would one know which currency symbol to set it to initially?

Both information are not available in Yii I18N.

If your app supports limited number of locales, you will need to manually provide and store these information somewhere.

Ok, then I'd like to put in a request to make a CLocale method of getCurrencySymbols() that will return CLocale->_data['currencySymbols'] so at least they can be iterated and offered to select from.

Cool, please create a new ticket…ii/issues/entry