Using any HTML/Bootstrap Theme to Yii

Hello, I’m a newbie in Yii. just wanted to ask if there is a way on using any downloadable themes in yii?


Yes it is.

You could use anything you want.

But if there is not a "ready package" you have to do most of the integration-work yourself.

See for example Admin LTE Package:

General things about Theming:

But I highly suggest you to read the whole guide first and learn how yii2 works in general.

That will make your life much easier in the long run.

Best Regards

Also check out Yii Themes :

hi when i try the links given there in that discussion i get webpage not available.

You must be blind as a bat:

I gather that you did not start that topic from the last post? :)

You should because it is 17 pages long, at least. :P

lol i checked only the first page i didn’t see that it was 17 page topic. what can i say i do have a poor eyesight

Hi thanks for the reply, but what do you mean with "ready package" ?

sorry man, a bit newbie and have limited knowledge on Yii.

Then you probably shouldn’t worry about themes just yet. :)