using a default module

Is there a way to specify a default module e.g. site entry (/) goes to default/index/index, /foo goes to default/foo/index ?

I have the same wish

No, but you can specify a default controller.;)

	'defaultController' => 'module/controller',

Additionally you can use the controllerMap:

       'defaultController' => 'content',

	'controllerMap' => array(


                 'content' => 'application.modules.mymodule.controllers.ContentController',



But important:

If you set a defaultController/controllerMap in config/main.php that is part of a module,

the module property of the controller will not be set. So you can’t use ‘$this->module->…’ and the module will not be initialized.

You have to initialize the controllers module ‘manually’ and override the constructor

class MyModuleController 



	public function __construct($id, $module = null)


		if (!isset($module))

		    $module = Yii::app()->getModule('mymodule');

		parent::__construct($id, $module);




I use : ‘defaultController’=>‘user/auth’,

and it looks fine. I am not sure I know exactly where should I add your code

‘defaultController’=>‘user/auth’ is ok.

Sometimes using the additional controllerMap can be useful when you want to preconfigure a module controller (pageTitle,defaultAction,layout…) when it is used as ‘defaultController’ (see controllerMap ‘post’.

With the help of the controllerMap you can implement different initialization of the controller depending on the route:

created as ‘defaultController’ or by calling the full route (modulename/controllerid).

But you don’t need this for your purpose.