userGroups: fresh (re-)installation --> error 500

Hello to everyone! I am new here, so please… :)

Thank you nick for your userGroups module which used to work nicely for me (1.6.8).

Suddenly I discover a problem when a user fills out the passwd recovery form:

It triggers a php error

"cannot redeclare <name of one of my controller class files>"


As I could not fix this I downloaded version 1.8. Because an update should be tricky I decided to

install it into a copy of my working site. I renamed the old userGroups tables.

I filled out the "create root user" form:

Error 500

Unable to create the tables in the database. Make sure that your db user has the necessary permissions to create a new table.<br/>This release only officially supports Mysql and PostgreSQL.

This is strange - the credentials of the db user have not changed since my first installation and allow the table creation by mysqlAdmin.

So - I have 2 questions in fact… what does that "cannot redeclare…" want to tell me?

And what can I do to let the installation create the userGroups tables?

The DB server is MySQL 5.1.46

Thanks for your time!