UserControl Equivalent for yii

Hi All. I am new to php mvc models, but with some background in

In there is System.Web.UI.UserControl class which represents a part of a page. A UserControl has a view, and controller associated with it. It is a reusable component that can be included in multiple pages. For example, a log in box that can be included in multiple page. It can be in multiple pages, and the pages need not be aware of the log in logic.

The nearest equivalent i found is CPortlet ( ). However it doesnot seem to be documented in "The Definitive Guide to Yii" ( ).

Is there some other alternative equivalent to it? I want to make reusable ‘components’ which can be included in multiple pages.

If there some alternate philosophy, it would be great if someone can suggest me a literature to model this.

Thanks and Regards

Mithun Dhali

I think, what you’re looking for is a Widget (CPortlet is one of them). See here: