User Validation

Our proposed user registration process is pretty simple.


[*]User goes to app/register.php (enter name, email…)

[*]Upon submit, they get a form thanking them.

[*]We save the info in the database, then generate an email with a validation string.

[*]User receives email, clicks on the link to verify their address.

[*]This will set some value (verified = true) in the database.

[*]User records will be created (5 tables of data)

[*]User will then be sent email with information from the system on login / password.

[*]User can then login to the system.


So my question is how to best implement the verify link…should it be done as a REST API ? I don’t have a need for

a full REST API but use one to interface this system to another.

Also, what would be the best way to trigger the user record creation from the registration info? I can do this with

a database trigger ( I think…MySQL is limited compared to Oracle, my normal gig, so I am learning the limits as I go )

I don’t like exposing any more of the database to the external world than is necessary.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I am thinking I might setup a controller / view for the user to link to, and have it redirect and also process the call.