User updateAction not working when add new fields to user table

I have started fresh project in yii. I have added just few new fields (fullname, description and age etc) to yii built-in user table. I do the settings for creating (signup) a new user and save data to these new fields.
but when I try to update the user record. then it can only update ‘status’ (‘status’ field of user table) and skip other changes. it also doesn’t give any error message.
I have resolved this issue by creating a fresh new User model (using gii) and copy paste the yii built-in code (of User model) in that new User model. and it is working now.
but what is the reason it was not working in that old (yii built-in) User model.
I am using Yii2 advance template.
There is nothing special code I write to show here. each and everything is yii2-advance-template built-in (User model, User Controller, user _form).
This is Yii2 built-in User model Yii built-in User model php code | WTOOLS
This is my new generated User model (using gii) New user model php code | WTOOLS

Solved with old model too. by just adding the rules of new model in old(yii built-in) model.