User Tracking

Hallo everybody,

i want to make system of letters sent from one user to other user. Can anyone please let me know how to make user tracking that can be recorded delivery letter? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :rolleyes:

what do you mean emails system or internal messages system ?

Explain more to help you

samilo thx for your response

the system is internal message system.for example :

  1. there are 4 user (A,B,C and D)

  2. A sending message to B.

  3. B continue send message from A to C.

  4. C continue send message to D.

how to drive the message delivery can be tracked from one user to another? I want to display the track that has sending message (A->B->C->D)…sorry if my description is too long :unsure:

If I understood in correct way :) , you need to create tables like this ,

Forwarder,receiver are forgie key from users .

m_id= message id

1- user A write message and insert it in table messages

2- user A select to send message to users (insert in to table )

3- user B get message from user A then froward it to c and d so

data will save in forward table

I hope help :)