User settings mechanism

Hi guys!

I need some help with user settings mechanism for my Yii-based application.

I’ve created the following db structure to store user settings:

1. table `user` with the following fields

id | username | email | etc.

2. table `settingslist` (to store a list of all possible settings with descriptions) with the following fields

id | code | name | description

3. table `settings` (to store all user settings) with the following fields

id | userid | settingslistcode | value

Now I’m stuck with the form which allows user to change his settings. I had to deal before with the regular models (i.e. for posts, comments, etc.) where every new model had only one row in the database (Post model - id | title | body |) with the certain amount of attributes (fields of the table). But now I need to store user settings in 10-15 rows and I don’t know how to apply Yii model mechanism to work with this, so I can retrieve those settings in a single form (so user could change his preferences).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

You should collect a tabular input

Thank you very much! :)