User role check


The Question: How do I check if a user has a particular role assigned?

Context: I am new to Yii and just recently I’ve been assigned to a project using Yii.

I have setup RBAC using the Database approach and to my understanding is working correctly, all I have done is modify the accessRules and replaced ‘users’ for ‘roles’=>array(‘role1’,‘role2’).


I am trying to implement a check on a user assigned role to redirect the user to different view depending on the role he/she has been assigned to, but I’m not sure of what are the steps to follow.

For example:

User1 => Admin, then after login it should land on an Admin view

User2 => User, then after login it should land on a User view

Could anyone point me in the right direction?

The way I fixed this was to save the user role as a state in the webuser and then checking the role in the layout/main.php, this will give you alot of if statements if you have alot of roles but works for smaller websites.

Take a look there