User registration with email confirmation in Yii 1.1.x

I am new in Yii and MVC. :(

Can I get some tutorials and sample source code for my project?

I want to make a user registration system with email confirmation.

Plz recommend me suitable tutorials with source codes and extension.

Maybe advanced templated could be too challenging at start, but try:

there is very comprehensive blog tutorial here is link

Thanks for your replies but I even don’t know how to send Email and generated confirmation code.Can u help me ? :(

Yii 1.1.x doesn’t have any built in mailing functionality so there’s no new and Yii-specific knowledge to learn on this subject. Just use mail() function or your preferred mailer library. (In case you don’t have one yet, try Swift Mailer. It’s a mature, easy to use, well documented library.)

Thanks sir how to Add the swiftmailer extension to config file? :( help me plz


You can try this extension: