User Registration And Application Form

Hello, dear friends . I’ve got the next task.

There is some "event" , registration for which opens in a strictly specified dates (cut, say, a week).

The registration form is very large and complete it in one go is not always possible, especially considering the disruptions with light and access to the Internet in our country.

The optimal solution, in my opinion, is to add a user registration into the SYSTEM when trying to register to participate in a specific "event" where every registered user will be able within a specified period of time (the deadlines) add and modify data in the so called questionnaire. Whether such an approach is correct?

If yes, there are some questions :

  1. How to restrict the registered user the ability to create more than one application form(profile/questionnaire)? (in case if there are different tables in the database for users and profiles)

  2. May be more correctly is to create a single table in the database that will store both login-email-password and personal data (profile/questionnaire) required directly by the event organizers?

  3. Is it possible to restrict the ability to create and edit this profile for the time period specified (again, will be taken from the table "events" )

I ask to share experiences, if anyone encountered a similar problem. I do not know where to start :(

Thank you

  1. Event.user_id validate unique on insert.

  2. User table, User-Profile (common to ALL events), Questionaire.

  3. Event.reg_start_date, Event.reg_end_date. actionRegister(){ if between dates allow else setFlash() or CHtmlException()