User Module

I’m porting my yii-usr module to Yii 2.0 as yii2-usr. It’s still a work in progress but I wanted to share.

I’ve noticed quite a lot of similarities with the advanced app template. Hopefully that’s a good indicator that yii-usr is modeled the right way. Also I try to deliver a few more features.

The interesting part is one can compare yii-usr with yii2-usr to see how much (or little) differences there are when migrating to Yii 2.0.

As soon as you have any working code (even not production ready), please share it on github.

I’m currently working on user module integration (porting custom made CMS from Yii 1.1 to 2.0), so it’s very interesting for me to see and use your Yii2 User code.

Thanks in advance!

Uhm, I just did. There are links to Github repos in my post.

:rolleyes: Sorry, haven’t noticed the links in post. I’ll have a look, thanks.

If you want more code to get check out/get ideas from, here’s mine:

And the one I’ve been following:

Thanks amnah, that really helped.

I just finished porting the unit tests, so both version are synchronized. I’m going to keep them like that, that is back-porting and forth(?)-porting any changes between them.

As always, if anybody got suggestions, feature requests or bugs to report please feel free to create an issue on Github.


I’m pretty new to Yii and i’m very interested to use your module yii2-usr, especially because of the inclusion of hybridauth. You did a great job!

I had a look on your yii2-demo ( source code but i didn’t figure how you managed to display Facebook and OpenID on the login page (

Do you keep the yii2-demo git project synchronized with your demo app deployed to

If not, could you please update the source code with an example of how to use hybridauth module?

Also, do you plan to allow usage of Profile picture with Gravatar, such as you did in yii-usr?

Thanks a lot!