user management

many projects will need user management just as this site has, email validation.

has that been done for yii ?

is this site running yii ? if so then , no need to re-invent the user management ?

finding a framework that offers "user management" is the ?

thx !

It is more appropriate to create a user management extension rather than putting it inside the core framework. User management often varies a lot project by project.

While I agree that user management should be tailored to the project's needs, I believe we could all benefit from one as a starting point, further customising it to meet specific requirements.

I am about to start using Yii and almost every site I will be working with will have some sort of user management - I am sure that is the same case with every other member of this forum.

It is true that most of us use user management, but it is also true that we all have very different ideas of how user management should be done.  I could release the user management system I have created if you would like.  I've been thinking about doing it anyways.

Jonah, that'd be very useful!

I would be very happy to have a look at what you've come up with. How have you implemented? As an extension so it can be reused on various projects?

Many thanks, Cass

It's not in the form of an extension but I may be able to make it into one (not sure if that's optimal at this point).

I'll create a new thread when I release it, it may take some time.

Ok, looking forward to it, mate. :) Cass

If I get a chance I could 'possibly' write a user registration/login system. I'm really not all that skilled but I think i could manage it if i stole some of the blog code. Though if you want it as an extension your going to have to make 'that' up yourself. >.>

I released it BTW. it's under it's own thread


I released it BTW. it's under it's own thread

Hey jonah, can you post a link to the release? I would also like to have a look at it

Very impressive, thanx

Can you please repost the link as the forum filter has consumed part of it?

Thanks in advance

hi. where is the link for the script from code google? i cant find it? :blink:

there is no file in the download menuu tab.

I think jonah is referring to the user management system in his skeleton app for yii. Do a web search for yii-skeleton-app, or try this url.

You need to go to the source, you can download one file at a time, or use a subversion client to check out the code…

Hi, I am using Yii-User-Management module, in my local it is working fine, while uploading to the server i am not able to login, it fires validation on wrong user name but it is not allowing me login even after right username and password,

I think session is not storing or something else ,

i need help on that.

i am new in Yii … any on knows ? where yii-user-management stores login session ? any idea ??

or what it do for authenticaion ?

because in my current system login module working fine on local but it not working on server,