User management with roles and a password reset mechanism

Hi all,

Here’s a little something we made for providing user authentication, assigning roles to users and providing a password reset mechanism via email.

Basically what it is is a bunch of additions to the default Yii2 User / RBAC mechanism consisting of:

  • An editor for assigning roles to users

  • A password reset mechanism with the following features:


  • Request password reset tokens. An example is provided of how to do it via a controller, but you can provide your own mechanism if you want.

  • Emails are sent out telling a user a password reset request has been made and providing a link to a form where the password can be reset.


It’s not much, but it’s the basics (for us, anyway) for making a simple web app happen, so I thought some of you would find it useful.

It’s not packaged as an extension yet since I didn’t have the time, hence this is posted here and not in the extensions forum.

The code is here: