User Management Problem

Hello everybidy, after spending 1 day installing yii, I am fithing now with USer Management Module. Every thing looks like ok until I try to create something ( user, role, etc etc …)

I have got this error when system trying to diplay the creation from and or update form.:

Fields with * are required.

Superuser *

Status *

User belongs to these roles

( ! ) Fatal error: Cannot re-assign auto-global variable _POST in C:\xampp\htdocs\wba\protected\modules\user\components\Relation.php on line 723

Call Stack

Can someone help or have some ideawhere to look for ?



fred post some code

Hello Fred, did you solve the issue? because i have the same problem :-/ but with yiishop module!!!

could be someting about php version?

That is caused by some dirty code like

public function handleAjaxRequest($_POST) {

//                                ^^^^^^ WTF?!



PHP v5.4 finally has begun to complain about this.

public function handleAjaxRequest($POST) {



Changing this in Relation.php worked for me