user management module

Please help me to install user management module! From this moment:

Run the User Management Installer in your Web-Browser:


I cant install. I just see homepage of my site. Why?

Which user management module you’re talking about? Is it connected to the book?

He probably means the one called “user management module” ;)

Replace | with / (forum won’t let me post urls)

In order to use the url http:||host|webapp|index.php|user|install you must use the .htaccess provided that re-writes the path so that Apache can interpret the url properly.

If you haven’t set up the .htaccess file then you must access the installation at the following location:


It’s all in the instructions file at:


I followed the instructions there and it all worked. If anyone can me the missing step between 8 and 9 (in said instructions) which gets you to the page with the “‘update Icon’ (the pencil)” then I would be very grateful!