User management in yii - self programming or extension?


I need for my website an user management system

  • registration

  • login

  • passwort forgot

  • groups and user management

  • controller roles management

what do you prefer? A good extension (which one) or self programming?

I wrote my own but it was probably 10-15 hours of work. Not sure I’d do that again. On the other hand it was a good learning experience.

It depends… Do you have the time to write that extension? Do you have the skills to write it securely? How complex is your project?

You should take a look at yii-user-management though finally you should decide what you need yourself.

I prefer to be the father of my sun when the topic comes to user management. Just because when I need to extend it, I can do it very quickly and there is no risk of updating good extensions and loosing my changes.

Just my two cent of thoughts.



do your own.

i have done it both ways now and i learned a lot. my conclusion was that it’s probably not possible to write a really good user management extension. the variety of requirements is just huge and the result is that either the extension won’t meet your needs or it will be way more complex than you need, if not both.