User management components

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Yii2 for several years now, and for user management, I first used Dektrium and then 2amigos/usuario.
The former has reached the end of its lifecycle, and the latter is (at least from the tests I’ve conducted) not very compatible with Bootstrap 5.

What do you use in your projects?

Thanks in advance,

Depends on project requirement, small project and less time use plugins like you mentioned. I prefer custom development if it’s product and need frequent usage of user management.

Custom user management. Not hard to do it. Start with small necessary features and expand over time!

I agree to the the recommendation on custom development. There are always
som “special” needs requiring subclassing and extensions of a standard

That said, I recently decided to test 2amigos/usuario for a new small
project. It requires Bootstrap 5, and I found a branch where views were
adapted for BS5. The branch is v2.0.0-dev, see some info in

So far it works without problems, not extensive use yet though.

Just for authentication, and a VERY simple authorization feature, I have
used amnah/yii2-user. Works well, easy to customize.

For RBAC I have looked into mdmsoft/yii2-admin, but not really used in
for real, so my experience is limited. I recall though that I thought it looked quite ok.

Good luck, regards,