user login page

Hi,i am using this yii2-user.

The url for user login using this modul is /user/security/login. If i type the url directly in browser address bar, no problem. But if i make a menu link to that url, yii2 will create menu with link to /user/login instead.

Previously i dont mind because i can also login on url /user/login.

But now i am using this rbac manager.

This rbac manager only allow route to /user/security/login(which is correct because the route /user/login shouldnt exist) so when i click the login menu, i will get Not Found (#404) error.

How to prevent yii2 from changing url /user/security/login to /user/login?

By the way, using dektrium yii2-user, i alredy comment this code

‘user’ => [

         'identityClass' => 'app\models\User',

         'enableAutoLogin' => true,


in config/web.php, so i think this is not the reason yii2 keep going to user/login.