User Level Based Navigation


I am very new to Yii and I’m slowly coming to grips with it.

I have decided to have a go at moving our current sales system over to Yii.

My question is are there any best practices for outputting a series of navigation links/icons based on a users level, determined by a session variable ‘level’?

I was thinking something like:

<div id="mainmenu">


    if($_SESSION['type'] == 1){include('admin-nav.php');} // Load type and level specific menu items.

    elseif($_SESSION['type'] == 2){include('sales-nav.php');} // Load type and level specific menu items.

    else{} // Type not set or recognised, send to log-in screen.


</div><!-- mainmenu -->

(in the views/layouts/main.php)

Or is there a better way of doing it?

yes you can create a widget or you can render a partial alternatively

this how i did it in my recent project

I created many to many relationship between user and roles, user can have many roles then i created a widget i pass in the params the widgets checks for certain role and display the navigation.

there are extensions available for this task as well

Do you have any examples of what you mean?

In terms of roles I have user ‘levels’ as well as ‘types’, which I think will be fine as far as ‘user roles’ in the database. I just need an efficient way of implementing this to control the navigation and access to certain functions throughout the system.

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