User Identity load to app but losed after redirect

I bing with Yii2, some weeks ago.

After some troubles i make login work.

But after login my problem is tha identity set in login form is loose after redirect to index.

Here is my code

"FormLogin model Login "

   public function login()




      	    $this->_identity=new User([ 'username' => $this->username, 'password' => $this->password ] );





            $duration=$this->rememberMe ? 3600*24*30 : 0; // 30 days

            return Yii::$app->user->login($this->_identity,$duration);


          // exit( "|" . \Yii::$app->user->getId() . "| no app" ); this test if identey was added ( OK )

        } else

        	return false;


Evrething is ok, y test with comment code if id of loged user is ok

After return i am in the actionLogin o site controller the code below :

"Site Controller Action Login "

    public function actionLogin()


        $this->layout = 'login'; // Layout especifico para o login

        $request      = Yii::$app->request;

        $model        = new LoginForm();

        if( !is_null( $request->post('LoginForm') ) && $model->load($request->post(), 'LoginForm' ))


            // validate user input and redirect to the previous page if valid

            if( $model->validate($request->post('LoginForm')) && $model->login() )


                return $this->redirect( ['site/index'] );  // here redirect back to index

            } else {

                $model->password = '';

                $model->username = '';



        echo $this->render('login',compact('model'));


When i cam to index from login, the identity is null and the action index go back to login again…

"Site Controller Action Index "

    public function actionIndex()


       // I try the both sentences 

       if( Yii::$app->user->getIsGuest() )

       //if( \Yii::$app->user->getId() === null )

            return $this->redirect(array('site/login'));

      return $this->render('index');


Why i am loosing the identity in the redirect?

Can someone geave my some ligth ?

Thanks in advance

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I can only guess, but the user exist in the database?

Another guess:

You are storing user sessions in a cache (memcached, redis) which isn’t running?

Yes, user exist in the databse, and i have not chache ative, nor configured.

The login process is ok ( i find the user in the DB, and valid the password stored )

In the FormLogin model if i do :

$bReturn = Yii::$app->user->login($this->_identity,$duration);

exit( "|" . \Yii::$app->user->getId() . "| no app" ); ==> This geave me "1" no app

return $bReturn

After return to site controller action login i make :

return $this->redirect( [‘site/index’] ); When i cam to de index action indentity is not set

Problem solved…

findIdentity($id) is not properly code and give me a null return.

after some change is working now

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