user friendly urls

Hey all

i have a search form for a small site.

when i submit form i got url like that


as i set form sending method ‘get’

Now what i want to set this as


How can i achieve this?

Remember i am using form to send data.

1 - Should i send it first to some helper method and generate url like this ?

2 - Is there some good functionality in yii that can help me?

3 - Did someone have some functionality already?

Any advice


No Idea about the solution of this question?

Is question out of scope of forum?

I think that you should create javascript function that validate the search form and create an url from search form fields. url can be like this "/search/mark/model/location"

Then you submit this url.

Then you need to create some rule for your UrlManager

Can be like this one


Then alter your controller which handling the search action:

public function actionSearch($mark, $model, $location){

// do your search here


Have fun ;)

The form will submit to an action, you can in this action do a redirect to the page with the nice url.

The option for avoid the redirection is to use js as said diggy.

Yes, I agree. But how we can know to what action redirect? Since the user is not enter any search term?