User authentication


I just themed a web template in yii 2 and implementing user authentication has been a challenge. All the tutorials and modules I have applied would have done the magic except for the fact that I don’t know how to implement the code in the forms I have for the web template. I have the login form on the nav bar and registration form before the footer. How do I make this work?

dont understand your requirement clearly.

u r not able to logged or where to code for logged that u want to know.

I don’t know where to put the login code in my html template.

generally login code is in common/models/LoginForm.

ref link

if u need personal assistance to learn yii2 kindly send pm.



ref below links


for different loging for frontend backed follow below instructions.

copy loginform nd user nd copy paste in your


for views ref this


for controller check sitecontroller.php

u just need to change only

use frontend/models/User;