User And Rights

Hello, guys!

I am bothering you with old things. However I hope my questions will be interesting for you.

I recently installed yii-user and yii-rights modules and they are excellent. Nevertheless, I still have a lot of issues and looking forward for your help.

So I was wondering can the following files protected/models/LoginForm.php and and protected/views/site/login.php be deleted with no harm to my application (Reminding that my app is brand new).

Evenmore due to the fact that yii-user takes over SiteController’s function actionLogin() and actionLogout() shall they be replaced or re-coded?

Thanx in advance.

Actually it’s all up to you which way will you try.

But yes, if you use user’s login, it’s safe to delete login logic bound to site controller. Even UserIdentity, which allow you to site/login as demo(demo).